Video Collection
Compiled by George Douglas

Welcome to the Willie P. Bennett Legacy Project's Video Collection.  Our, and Willie's, dear friend George Douglas has been scouring the world-wide web for live video performances of WPB songs.  He has posted 35 of these great clips on Facebook and we are proud to provide him with a page on this site to continue his tremendous archival quest.  Please enjoy these links and pass them on to friends.  Check back frequently as new content will be regularly added.


The best Willie P. Bennett show that I ever attended. I am so thankful that I captured it on video. I was sitting in the front on one of several wooden benches at the store Fred Eaglesmith had just opened in Port Dover. I think this is the first thing I shot with that camera and was sitting too close to get a head to toe shot of Willie when he was standing so I was glad when he sat down! After a little bit of fumbling I set the camera down on a shelf next to me and watched the maestro at work.  
I love you and miss you Willie. 
Part 1 
1) Come On Train (joined in Progress) 
2) Step Away (starts at 2:55)  
3) High or Hurtin' (starts at 6:50) 
4) Happy on the Moon (starts at 12:12) 
5) Last Word In (starts at 18:54)

1) Sunset Pendulum 
2) C'mon Baby & Shut Out the Light (starts 3:57) 
3) Blackie & The Rodeo King (starts 10:16

Part 3 of 3 (below) 
1) Stardust 
2) Billy & Jenny (starts at 6:00) 
3) Red Dress (starts at 9:05)
4) One Vessel [sung into banjo} (starts at 14:30)
5) Porch Light (starts at 17:10)



Linda McRae singing Willie's song "When Love is a Game" from her excellent new CD Shadow Trails.  



This Sunday, February 15, 2015 will mark the 7th anniversary of Willie's passing.  I have named that day Blue Valentine's Day and I know a bunch of other folks who call it that too.  Here's the song and video of that song.  (The link that appears at the beginning of the video promising a higher def version doesn't work...but go ahead and click it...I always do.)



Zeke Mazurek and Willie P. Bennett.  
The music of the spheres.



From Willie's last, as yet unreleased work, the song Decatur performed by Jaxon Haldane.
 Willie's buddy and producer of said music.



Let's start off with an appearance by Willie and Ken Whiteley on the short-lived, late-night variety show 90 Minutes Live which was hosted by the late great Peter Gzowski.  They both look so young and a tiny bit nervous too.  Enjoy!

Willie P. on the CBC

Brave Wings
A gorgeous compilation of photos by Duke Lang set to Willie's ephemeral masterpiece Brave Wings.

 I am dedicating this video to George Wolf.: a man I called brother and whom I met along with our dear friend Marlene, the weekend that Willie gave his Hobo concert.

Namaste George.



Jay Linden - Music In Your Eyes
The Princess Theatre, Waterloo, Ontario, February 28, 2008.  This was Willie's gig but he'd died a couple weeks before... so a group of friends gathered, some on stage, many more in the old movie theatre seats for a night of Willie songs and stories, laughter and tears.
Jay Linden grew up with Willie playing his great songs at the kitchen table and he does such a good job on Music In Your eyes here.  Dan Walsh's dobro licks are perfect and Stephen Fearings voice blends as well with Jay's as it usually does with his bandmate and Jay's brother Colin's.

Paul sent this to me a few days before the tenth anniversary of Willie's passing.  A beautiful rendition of "Has Anybody Seen My Baby Here Tonight?"

It's February 2018, ten years since we lost Willie P. Bennett.  There are remembrances and shows going on all over this country.  I'm going to a show at The Aeolian in London, ON tonight then up to Peterborough tomorrow, I'm hosting one in Woodstock, ON on Tuesday (Feb. 13) and there'll be one at The Times Changed in Winnipeg that night too.  Here's my tribute to my hero and friend.  I Remember Willie.