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WPB Interview, June 20, 1985 This interview, conducted by Doug Cox for community radio, is an in-depth conversation from a transitional phase in Willie's career. 41.8 MB
White Line w/ B.A.R.K. 07/27/2007 Blackie and the Rodeo Kings with Willie P. Bennett live at the Market Hall in Peterborough, ON. Video courtesy of John Betmanis. 335 MB
Lace And Pretty Flowers MP3 This instrumental version of of this tune was provided to us by Joan Besen from Prairie Oyster. Prairie Oyster brought a great deal of attention to Willie's music years before B.A.R.K. She had this to say about the song, in an email,

"nobody could surf the wild ironing board quite like willie.

if you've not heard it, here is the Lace and PF instrumental--john p [Allen] on fiddle, willie on acoustic guitar and harmonica, me playing the created background string arrangement. produced by my son, sunny thrasher, and myself at my son's house.

the day willie came over to play his parts (preceding john), his playing was so beautiful that sunny and i, essentially squished in his bedroom closet which was serving as a control booth, were both crying.

i know john p would have no objection to you having this mp3. i actually think it might make a good theme song for the site--maybe to play when you go to the main page--kind of like an intro. because it's willie himself and one of his oldest pals playing together..."

This song is from John P. Allen's, The Canadian Fiddle album and is now the website's theme song and the first track on the site media player.
Lace and Pretty Flowers (composer Willie P. Bennett) John P. Allen-fiddle, Willie P Bennett- harmonica
3.51 MB
Trying to Start Out Clean Performed by the Black Lillies. Recorded by Dan Beeson in Kansas City Missouri. This was recorded at the Folk Alliance International Conference in KC, February 2014 by the Pinball sessions gang. Thanks to Dan Beeson, Shawna and Daniel Cooper for this. check out the rest of the Black Lillies Pinball Session at 9.12 MB
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