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When Love is a Game Performed by Linda McRae and Steve Dawson.
Recorded by Steve Dawson in Nashville, TN.
Previously unreleased WPB song.
34.1 MB
Come On Train Performed by Rick Taylor.
Recorded by Rick Taylor.
57 MB
Rains On Me Performed by Doug Cox.
Recorded by Doug Cox on Vancouver Island, BC.
98.7 MB
Country Squall Performed by Mark Wilson(Vocals, Guitar) and Scott Hutchinson(Guitar/Baritone Guitar).
Dan Walsh, who exclusively utilized Willie's old microphones, recorded this in Cambridge, ON.
24.1 MB
My Pie Performed by Washboard Hank ( Oneman band, kazoo, tenor banjo, kitchen sink, washboard, fisher price toy piano and a chromatic harp).
Recorded by Pat Temple in Raeboro, ON.
31.9 MB
Don't Blame Your Blues On Me Performed by Scott Nolan and The Weber Brothers with Paul Reddick and Paul Balcain.
Recorded by Scott Nolan in Winnipeg, MB.
39.4 MB
One Vessel Performed by Dan Walsh
Recorded by Dan Walsh, in Cambridge On, with microphones once belonging to WPB.
31 MB
Willie's Diamond Joe Performed by Ross Neilson and the Sufferin' Bastards.
Ross Neilson- guitar and vocals, Shawn Worden - bass guitar, Karl Gans - drums, Alvin Youngblood Hart- lead guitar
Recorded deep in the woods of North Mississippi by Kevin Houston, Produced by Cody Dickinson.
An out take from the REDEMPTION album sessions.
56.8 MB
For The Sake Of The Dollar Performed by David Essig.
Recorded by David Essig on Protection Island, BC, using Willie's H165 Harmony guitar for the slide break.
53 MB
Take My Own Advice Performed by Pat Temple and the High- Lo Players.
Pat Temple-guitar and vocals, Pineapple Frank Barth- steel guitar, Will Meadows- fiddle, Terry Wilkins- bass fiddle, Spencer Evans- clarinet, Tom Walsh- trombone, Teddy Fury- snare drum, Alan Black- side stick snare.
Recorded by James Paul at Rogue Studios, Toronto ON.
26 MB
Step Away Performed by Samantha Martin
Samantha Martin- guitar and vocals, Khari McClelland, Sherie Marshall and Stacey Tabb- backing vocals, Mikey McCallum- electric guitar.
Recorded by Dan Beeson in Guelph, ON.
This recording in courtesy of the Pinball Sessions.
53.2 MB
Let's Go Down To The Water Performed by Ken Whiteley. Rebecca Cambell on harmony vocals. Recorded by Ken Whiteley in Toronto Ontario. 2014 42.7 MB
Caney Fork River Performed by Gurf Morlix.
Recorded by Gurf Morlix in Austin, TX.
25.8 MB
Decatur Performed by Adam Carroll with Mark Jungers. Recorded in Martindale TX by Mark Jungers. 31.9 MB
Birds Fly South Performed by Owen Temple- vocals and acoustic guitar, Jaxon Haldane- electric guitars. Recorded by Jaxon Haldane in Jones OK. October 2014. 36 MB
Trying To Start Out Clean Performed by D.Rangers. Recorded at Bedside Studios, Winnipeg MB by Len Milne. Mastered by Scott Pinder at Polyphonic Mastering Labs. 2015. 35.2 MB
The Last Word In Performed by Gary Peeples - vocals and guitar with: Al Black - drums, Andy Pryde - bass, Jim Usher - tenor sax, Bridget Foley - backup vocals. Recorded by Andy Pryde in Peterborough, ON Dec, 2016 52.9 MB